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Welcome to the Red Stick : Episode 3 : Jizzle Da Underdog and GBA

18 Fév , 2019  

Each month, Juste1Question offers you the portrait of a player of the Baton Rouge rap scene. This city is indeed one of the major places of nowadays US rap. The first two episodes of our series of articles made you discover q local DJ and two rappers from the neighborhood of Glen Oaks. This time, you will discover an other rapper from Glen Oaks, Jizzle Da Underdog, and GBA, a group of rappers from Parktown. Both of them are close to the local website In a highly conflictual rap scene, these rappers want to take care of their entourage and to be loyal.

The first show I saw in Baton Rouge was in July. It was a showcase organized by the website (I will write an article about this website soon). A lot of rappers performed on the stage. Three of the members of GBA arrived and rapped their single « BR Type ». Then, Jizzle Da Underdog rapped his song « Gasoline ». At the end of the showcase, I decided to talk to Deke, one of the members of GBA. I asked him for an interview.

I was indeed a great fan of « BR Type » : its bassline sounds like a typical BR bassline, Deke’s nonchalant chorus and Haze’s (another member of GBA) incisive verse are dope. I wasn’t the only one : the song is a huge success in Baton Rouge. When I met GBA to interview them, they were touring on the whole city and even further to show their rap skills to everyone. And they have some rap skills ! They have been rapping together for ten years. They grew up listening to Cash Money and they created their own label two years ago. At this moment, they decided to take rap seriously. And it worked : the week I met them, they were supposed to perform in shows in four different nightclubs.

The unity of their label is not a mere matter contract. There’s much more to it. « I trust them with my life. Like… Our bloods. We all know each other mama. » Deke told me . One day, they will make some solo albums. But right now, Haze, Deke, Freaky and Park Town Bone are working on common projects. Their last mixtape The Year, vol. 1 shows their different talents, from louisianan bangers to introspective songs.

It’s the same mix that you can find in Jizzle Da Underdog’s (the other rapper I met on this showcase) rap. He can do Baton Rouge’s bangers, trap songs but also melancholic tunes as « Sun don’t shine », one of his best songs. His last project is entitled « Eat or Be Eaten ». He’s got a lot of diverse musical influences but keeps consistency in his music by making reality rap. He wants to keep it real. He grew up listening to Boosie and that’s what he liked in his music. So that’s what he wants to deliver to his audience.

Jizzle has been rapping since a very young age. But it’s thanks to his family that he began to rap seriously. Family. Maybe it’s the most important word for the guy who created the label Bloodline Empire with reference to blood relations. Jizzle is loyal to his origins. For him, there is nothing that is more important than representing his city and Glen Oaks, his neighborhood. On the shores of the Mississipi he told me : « It’s always important to remember where you come from. I will never get big and be like « Fuck Baton Rouge » or « Fuck Glen Oaks ». I still got hanging the hood since this day. I still got homeboys that’s from the hood… And I still talk to them everyday or every other day. You know what I’m saying. So… I don’t feel like it’s important. But it’s important. You know… You’ll never forget where you come from and lose respect like this. » Jizzle is determined to make it bigger but he’s also determined to never forget where he’s from.

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